Who Makes the Ranch Run?

From bees to bikes, our committees make environmental magic!

* To contact a specific committee, email info@smilinghogsheadranch.org with subject line “committee name: your subject” *

Planting Committee

We grow food – and lots of it! From herbs and vegetables to fruits and berries, our garden is overflowing with delicious, natural, organic food for our members. We’re so proud, we’re going to list everything we grow:

Tomato, Kale, Eggplant, Raspberry, Garlic, Vetch, Asparagus, Milkweed, Blueberry, Apple, Paw Paw, Clover, Strawberry, Spinach, Daffodil, Plum, Nectarine, Aster, Oyster Mushroom, Mulberry, Basil, Grape, Cilantro, Okra, Cherry, Sunflower, Rosemary, Potato, Currant, Beach Plum, Blackberry, Fig, Nasturtium, Ground Cherry, Tomatillo, Peppers, Gourds, Cucumbers, Peanut, Lettuce, Radish, Carrot, Hardy Kiwi, Sedum, & More!

Events Committee

All the info you need here about the events committee

Membership Committee

All the info you need here about the membership committee

Fundraising Committee

All the info you need here about the fundraising committee.

Infrastructure Committee

The infrastructure committee coordinates long term site plans and sets priority for projects to ensure short term actions steer towards long term goals. This committee collaborates on the building of temporary structures such as the rain catchments, planting beds, greenhouse, and biodigesters with reclaimed or granted materials. If you have building material resources to contribute, including your skills, this is the group to reach out to!

Bees Committee

What’s all that buzz about? Our beekeeping committee keeps our queen and her subjects happy, healthy, and well loved.


The outreach committee handles all external communication related to the ranch, which includes the seasonal e-newsletter, website, social media, public relations and tabling at various events.

Compost Committee

It all starts with healthy soil. Composting is a great way to grow great food, reduce your environmental foodprint, and have a damn good time.

Our compost systems are the cornerstone of our educational programs and foundation of our productive food systems. How much do we love compost? Let us count the ways…

  1. 3-bin system: We accept residential food scraps year-round, any time of the day. Look for the open bin and signage.
  2. Windrows: Built with food scraps from NYC GreenMarkets. Our piles are biodynamic. Come check ‘em out!
  3. Leaf mold: We are a Project LeafDrop host site! Bring us your organic yard clippings.
  4. Vermicompost: Worms! They eat detritus, fruit+veggie scraps are their favorite. Worm castings are pure black gold.
  5. Bokashi: “Fermented organic matter” in Japanese. Microorganisms anaerobically ferment all types of food scraps.
  6. Mushroom compost: Mycelium breaks down carbon rich material (wood chips, cardboard, etc) to make compost.

Education Committee

The education committee is responsible for facilitating school tours and field trips, providing garden educator trainings, and partnering with area educational institutions and programs to develop and improve immersive gardening learning opportunities.